Tow Truck – What Is A Tow Truck?

Tow trucks are often confused with a mobility vehicle like a wheelchair van or a golf cart. However they are not the same thing. A tow truck is simply a truck used primarily to transport improperly parked, disabled, or in some cases indisposed motorized vehicles. Tow trucks can also be used for moving personal items such as furniture, cleaning equipment, and pet carriers. They are very versatile and can be used for just about anything that might get stuck around the house, yard, or business.

Tow trucks are operated by specialized drivers who have had special training in all sorts of situations. Most tow trucks are full size vehicles but there are also compact models available. They will usually have the largest tire on the front and side with enough space to spare when needed. They can often be seen with the green “tow truck” logo painted on the back, although this is not mandatory. Some compact models have the words” Mobility” or “heet metal” instead of the more familiar” Tow Truck”.

Tow trucks are designed to perform a number of tasks other than moving automobiles. Many tow trucks are used for towing boat trailers, oversized personal watercraft, and large machines such as snow removal equipment. Some models are equipped with their own hydraulic lifting systems so that weight is not required for towing large objects. Towing equipment designed for towing do not have the same safety features found in standard towing equipment and should be treated accordingly. Both you and the other drivers/vehicles involved should wear proper safety gear designed to protect both you and your vehicle.

Before choosing a Tow Truck provider, be sure to check references and make sure that they are licensed and insured. Also ask about their service fees and any extra services that might be provided. Remember that different vehicles will require different types of service. Make sure that any Tow Truck provider you are considering has the ability to properly tow your vehicle. Some will specialize in just large vehicles while others will offer additional services depending on the nature of the job.

Tow trucks shall be rated by a reputable organization such as the National Tow Truck Association (NTTA). The maximum allowable weight rating is 75 mph. Tow trucks shall also be made in different sizes depending on how much the load will be. Smaller loaders can be used on small jobs while tow trucks shall be used on larger jobs requiring extra capacity.

There is no evidence that the use of Tow trucks is dangerous when compared to driving a car. However, as with all vehicle towing, there is an increased risk if you are inexperienced. Check with the local law enforcement agencies to see what restrictions are in place regarding towing cars. Be sure to follow all local laws regarding the weight of your vehicle. Never overload your vehicle while being towed.

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