Fun Ways to Use Keychain Heart Pendants

A Personalized Keychain Heart is the perfect stocking stuffer or housewarming present. These adorable keychain hearts are made in the shape of hearts and have a hole at the top where you can insert a beautiful silver coin. You can get them plain or with a special design. These heart-shaped keychain gifts are very popular with children during the holidays.

DESCRIPTION. This Personalized Keychain Heart creates a fabulous housewarming or stocking stuffer. Give a special gift of love this season. Choose 2D for a simple, flat image. Choose 3D for a detailed image with more realistic depth.

PICKING A HATTER. To personalize this keychain heart, pick out your favorite picture of the happy couple. Cut out a nice, long rectangle, and tuck in one of the corners to form the couple’s name. Wrap the other two sides of the rectangle around the keychain. Secure the heart pendant with a hot-glued magnet or button, if desired.

HATDRY GOODIE. Fold a piece of card stock, or another rough paper, to form the inside of a nice-looking keychain wallet. Your personalized key chain wallet has a flap or a pull closed over one flap and opens over another flap when the lock is turned. Use these wallets to store cards, make keychain necklaces, or put money inside that you’d rather not display elsewhere. They’re a practical and unique gift idea for everyone on your list.

GIFT OF CARDS. Everyone’s been to a party or other event where someone brought just one deck of cards, only to sit them down and have a terrible time trying to figure out whose cards are whose. You can make your keychain cards even easier to identify by printing out each player’s name and ID number. This is an especially nice keychain favor for an adult party because then guests can take home the decks to use at home. (Or use the gift as an excellent thank you token for a friend who played a keychain on your friend during a party.)

As you can see, there are a variety of fun ways to use keychain-heart pendants to express yourself. From romantic tokens to practical gifts, these versatile keychain heart designs are perfect for any occasion. So put your keychain into action and start planning your next gift, or surprise your friends with one of these delightful keychain gifts! Just remember, whatever you decide to give, think carefully and choose wisely, because keychain-heart pendants are always a good choice!

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